3-d terrain modeling  to help flood forecasting .                                 


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(a) The river been block after the earthquake. Following heavy rainfall can be very destructive. In this case, the weight of the forest with its underlying soil saturated by rain can exceed the soil strength and whole areas simply slip away in massive landslides. Particularly, in forests growing on mudstone. Flood forecast therefore located the area.

          3-d terrain modeling from the aviation picture (a) to calculating the altitude and analyze the surface of the selected location (b) to computing the actual shape of the area as result (c).  

            (b) Selected area from the split of the creek at the right.                

(c) The digitalis result. Since rainfall is not the only cause of flooding, the meanderings of larger rivers are also a continuous sources of  forest destruction. The selected area as shown  is considering a  geologically unstable area .Such as debris flow are highly alert because wash over.

What can you do if you live near steep hills?

*Buildings should be located away from steep slopes, streams and rivers, intermittent-stream channels, and the mouths of mountain channels. 

*Watch the hillsides around your home for any signs of land movement, such as small landslides or debris flows or progressively tilting trees. Slopes where debris flows have occurred in the past are likely to experience them in the future.

*Watch the road for collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rocks, and other indications of possible debris flows.

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